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West Hampstead Primary School

"Together, we achieve."

Our Curriculum - Intent, Implementation and Impact

At West Hampstead Primary we provide a broad and balanced curriculum which develops the individual child according to their age and ability.

The aim of the west Hampstead primary school Curriculum

Our curriculum brings to life our logo and motto. 

Through our curriculum we are helping to develop active world citizens who:

  • Have a strong sense of self
  • Who know themselves as learners and are able to question understanding
  • Who know how to be healthy, both physically and emotionally
  • Who have good life skills
  • Who understand they are part of a community and are active in it
  • Who know about the city and country in which they live
  • Who have an understanding of the wider global environment and the issues it faces
  • Who see themselves as being able to have a positive impact on their life and environment

The roots of our curriculum

If the subjects and knowledge of our curriculum are the branches and leaves of knowledge, the key skills can be seen as the roots which underpin that knowledge.  Our curriculum has three key roots which aim to ensure that the children are able to answer three key questions:

Key competencies - How can I be ready for my future?

Personal development - How can I be happy?

Key skills - How can I learn to learn?

The West hampstead primary school Curriculum

We are committed to providing significant opportunities for pupils to master basic skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics from an early age. Our curriculum is drawn from the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum.

English -

Our English curriculum is based on the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education's Power of Reading approach (click on "West Hampstead English Curriculum" below for further information).  Phonics is taught rigorously, following the Letters and Sounds scheme.  We use additional resources drawn from Jolly Phonics to support children in learning how to match letters to the sounds they make.

Maths - 

Our Maths curriculum is based on the Mathematics Mastery approach.  Click on "West Hampstaed Maths Curriculum" below for further information.

The Wider Curriculum -

We use a topic based approach to learning which engages with children’s natural curiosity while ensuring that we cover all the statutory requirements during your child’s time with us. Teachers use a wide variety of teaching methods, which are adapted according to the subject, age and ability of the individual pupil. In Key Stage 2 we introduce French to the curriculum.

All children participate in weekly physical activity with our specialist PE teacher. In addition to the formal P.E. lesson, children have access to sports coaching every lunch time.

All children will also learn music with either their class teacher or specialist music tutors from Camden music. Every child at West Hampstead Primary has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and many pupils wish to take up individual one-to-one music tuition.

Our curriculum is outlined in the documents below.


At West Hampstead Primary School, we aim to provide equal access to the curriculum for all children. We recognise, respect and celebrate the diversity of languages and experiences our children bring to school. We aim to reflect these in our classroom and to promote parental involvement to strengthen the links between home and school communities. We believe that all children can achieve and we value and promote each child’s achievements. We give our children every opportunity to achieve their best by taking account of our children’s range of life experiences when planning for their learning. The planning and organising of teaching strategies for each subject is consistently reviewed to ensure that no pupil is disadvantaged. We regularly review our curriculum and the resources we use to ensure that our teaching reflects equality and respects diversity.


For more details about the curriculum, please contact