Communication and Language

‘The development of children’s spoken language underpins all seven areas of learning and development.’ EYFS Statutory Framework ‘21

The drive to communicate comes from a desire to connect with others. We help the children to build strong relationships so that they know they can confidently talk to someone who is interested in what they have to say and will join in.


We know that children will be motivated to communicate if they have something that interests them to talk about.


We plan and provide for opportunities to talk for different purposes, in different situations.


Visuals and first-hand experiences help the children to understand what new words mean and help them to follow instructions


We believe that lots of quality conversations throughout the setting are crucial in helping the children to understand and use language effectively.


Curious learners ask lots of interesting questions! We need to know the type of questions we can ask to find out more about what interests us or to ask for help when we need it.