Welcome to the EYFS at West Hampstead Primary School.

At WHPS we provide a safe, happy and stimulating learning environment. Our goal is for all of the children to reach their potential as motivated, confident and resilient learners who show kindness and respect for each other. We know that this is facilitated most effectively through members of the Early Year’s team finding ways to harness curiosity, notice and build on each child’s unique characteristics and starting points, and by building strong, positive relationships with families.

We follow the Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage 2021 and our curriculum provides activities and experiences indoors and outdoors, that enable the children to learn and develop well in the seven areas of learning specified, as well as developing the characteristics that enable them to be effective learners.

The Early Years provides the foundation for future learning and success at school and our curriculum is designed to ensure progression through Nursery, Reception and into Year 1.

The children learn through a combination of whole class teaching sessions and small group or individual work with an adult as well as through quality free-flow play activities, indoors and outdoors, known as “continuous provision”. During the continuous provision sessions, the children can develop their own play ideas alone or with others and try out or rehearse new learning in their own space and time. The outdoor space allows opportunities for the children to develop in all seven areas but often on a larger, messier and often noisier scale!