Our aim at West Hampstead Primary School is to ensure that every child is able to take part in a range of inspiring and exciting opportunities during their time at school. We believe that education should extend beyond the classroom and we are lucky that our location in Central London provides lots of wonderful opportunities for us to visit places of interest and attend events. We also work with various organisations and other specialists who visit us in  school.

Enrichment opportunities are carefully planned by teachers and leaders in order to:

  • Bring children's learning to life in a new or different context
  • Cover or revisit key knowledge and skills from across the National Curriculum
  • Providing an inspiring or aspirational experience for children
  • Develop children's confidence and self esteem in a new environment

Some of our current enrichment opportunities include:

  • Visits from the Royal Academy of music in EYFS
  • The opportunity to meet owls in Reception
  • A vist to the theatre in Year 1
  • A journey along the Thames River in Year 2
  • Our partnership with The Place in Year 3, where children perform their own choreographed dance at their theatre in Euston
  • Visits to the zoo, museums and galleries 
  • A trip to the Crick Institute for a Science workshop in Year 5
  • Opportunities for all children to learn the recorder and a brass instrument in Year 4 and 6
  • Performing in the Key Stage 1 nativity, the Year 4 pantomime and the Year 6 end of year show
  • Our Year 5 and 6 residential trips to The Mill and Kench Hill


As a community, we have developed our own Journey through WHPS, which shows all of the inspiring and exciting trips and activities that we give children the opportunity to take part in during their time at our school. You can read our Journey through WHPS below.

You can also view our calendar to see what trips and events are coming up.