At West Hampstead Primary we are very proud of our school!

However, we are particularly proud of some of the things that make us a bit different to some other schools.

  • Our Curriculum - We have designed an exciting and broad curriculum that sets high expectations and meets the needs of all of our children.
  • Our Maths - We are an NCETM centre of excellence for Mathematics.
  • Our Creativity - We provide opportunities for all children to have access to high quality creative and artistic experiences.
  • Our School Environment - We have created a learning environment where all children can flourish and enjoy being at school.
  • Our School's History - Our school has a rich and fascinating history.

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West Hampstead Primary School is part of the Camden family of schools. We work closely with our neighbouring schools and other schools in the borough and around the country.

We believe that the best way to enhance the life chances of all children is to collaborate between schools and share best practice. That's why we are also part of Challenge Partners. Challenge Partners is a practitioner-led charity that enables collaboration between schools to enhance the life chances of all children, especially the most disadvantaged.